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A&G Focus on pressure containing fabrication welding – this welding normally involves full penetration welds joining two tubular members which will contain pressure during their service life. This process require very strict quality performance and exceptional welder abilities. Most of pressure containing fabrication welds performed by A&G Welding Specialty are subjected to full volumetric NDE (Radiographic & Ultrasonic) in addition to surface NDE (Magnetic Particle or Liquid Penetrant) testing.

Structural Fabrication Welding – This type of fabrication welding is more generic in nature. All this welding where two parts are being joined is considered structural fabrication welding. The common application of this type of welding process is building skids or frames out of structural members. This type of welding requires extensive fit-up of the components before welding. A&G Welding Specialty has several highly experienced fitters who specialize in fitting these structures in very tight tolerances to meet the design requirements.

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